Talented men

These are the winners of the 1987 World Invitational Championships held in Calgary, the first time international skeleton sliders had ever competed on the new track at Canada Olympic Park.  Andi Schmid of Austria (at right) was the winner, Frank Fijakowski of West Germany (at left) took 2nd, and Terry Holland of the U.S. was 3rd.  Andi's great sliding accomplishments are documented elsewhere on this site.  Frank has an amazing ability to remember tracks - he can still talk about the track in Sarajevo as though he had just slid there last year, even though his last trip there was in 1987.  And Terry can blink his eyes at the exact moment you take a picture.  This race also served as the North American Championships, which Terry won.  The trophy was presented by Prince Albert of Monaco, who had a remarkably attractive young woman along with him.

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