My great aerodynamic form

One of the things I was known for in my sliding days was my good aerodynamic form.  Here's proof that it wasn't always there.  This newspaper photo is from the 1997 World Championships in Lake Placid, the second year in a row I took the gold at the World Championships.  The old track at Lake Placid was difficult and dangerous, especially in Zig-Zag and the finish curve.  My line through Zig (seen here) involved dragging my toe hard to pull the sled into Zag early enough.  At a World Cup event a couple of years before, it also involved dislocating my knee on both race runs by dragging my toe too hard and popping the knee out of its socket.  My knee stuck together here, but I made a mistake in the finish curve on the final heat and ended up unable to work for 5 weeks.  Oh well.

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