Skeleton photos - both on and off the track - Page 1

I have a backpack stuffed full of photos of skeleton people on and off the track (ask Turc Harmesynn), and gradually I'll go through them and get more photos posted.  If I can get a copy of Turc's big crash out of corner 8 in Calgary, I'll post an MPEG of that.  Peter van Wees is also looking for footage of his marvellous 9 hit performance on the straight before Wall Corner in St. Moritz, and if I can get that tape back from the Americans, I'll digitize that one too.  For now, I've added a few new ones for you to look at.

My great
I've fallen
and I can't
get up
2002 parents
The return
of the
Sumo Cat
Felix says
"eat  me"
Koshi is
a big star!
That will
teach you to
finish 27th
Koshi and
the Big Rock
Soule Man is
gettin' it on
Big day
for DSS
Another fine
speed suit
Back in the
old days
not to exceed
342 persons

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