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runners under constructionThank you for your interest in DSS skeleton equipment.  I am no longer building sleds and am currently building runners only.  This will allow me enough time to build runners for any athlete, not just those using a DSS sled.  All runners are sold fully polished and come with runner guards, a wooden polishing block and a groove polishing tool.

In 2010, the FIBT released a new version of their runner steel, keeping the original chemical composition but increasing the strength and hardness.  All DSS runners will be made from this stronger steel unless the customer specifically requests the older FIBT steel.  I do still have some of this older steel in inventory.  Of course, it is always possible that some sliders might think that the older steel is faster for them.

I have removed all limitations on runner sales.  It is no longer required for the customer to be using a DSS sled.  Also, there is no longer a limit on the number of pairs which may be ordered.  If you are using a different type of sled and you require non-standard DSS dimensions on your runners to fit them correctly to your sled (for example, runner block width, runner post length, etc.), you MUST inform me prior to the start of runner construction.  Please see the "Runners" page for more dimensional information.  There are no fixed order deadline dates - the lists are kept open as long as possible and will close only when it's no longer possible to add any more work before the scheduled completion dates.

Note that I do not build extra runners for inventory purposes.  I don't begin building the runners until after the orders have been placed.


price list updated Feb. 9, 2016
  CAN $
DSS Skeleton Race Runners, 1 pair - FIBT stainless steel, fully polished
 $ 750 / $ 950
    with polishing block, groove polishing tool, runner guards - any groove design  
Price is dependent upon date of order placement (see above)  
DSS Skeleton Training Runners, 1 pair - chrome moly (non-FIBT steel), fully polished
 $ 450 / $ 600
    with polishing block, groove polishing tool, runner guards - any groove design except Top Cut  
Price is dependent upon date of order placement (see above)  
Replace complete saddle on customer's DSS sled (parts and labour) $ 350
Replace saddle sides and handles on customer's DSS sled (parts and labour)
$ 250
General sled repair work
$ 50 / hr

All runner orders must be confirmed by a deposit of CAN $200 per pair.  The balance is to be paid upon completion and before delivery.  Taxes and customs duties are charged according to the regulations of the recipient country's government, and are the responsibility of the customer.  If you see me in person, payments may be made in cash in Canadian or US dollars.  5% GST is added to all orders shipped to or picked up within Canada.  Canadian and American customers may pay by cheque or money order in Canadian or US dollars.  Canadian customers with online banking access may pay by Interac e_Transfer.  All customers may pay in Canadian dollars by PayPal - please contact me to request a PayPal invoice.  Foreign customers may transfer funds electronically through their bank.  Postal money orders may also be used, although they're very slow, typically taking over a month for me to receive (if you're an American, make sure you get a pink international postal money order, not the green type which can only be cashed in the U.S.).  Western Union money transfers are another possible choice.  Please make all payments payable to Davenport Skeleton Sleds.  Shipping is extra - check the UPS Canada web site for exact shipping costs.  I recently saw a National Geographic clip on Icelandic puffins.  I learned three things.  1) - a baby puffin is called a puffling.  2) - a puffling does not have the fancy paint job on his beak that the adult puffins have.  3) - you can throw a puffling like a baseball.  Amazing.

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